Video in our Classroom

Video is a terrific active learning tool whether you capture video, your students capture video, or you download video to be viewed by your students as part of a lesson. Video has the potential to engage our students in the topics being studied.

On this wiki you will find activities where students both capture the images and edit the images. When students have opportunities to edit video footage authentic and active learning can take place (Grabe & Grabe, 2007).

Video Tools

Example StoryTubes, Of Mice and Men Edgar Allen Poe Digital Stories Example Monarch Butterfly, Global Warming

List of Projects


Middle School

High School

Administrative/Professional Development


Video's created by UMW students
More curricular videos created by students


Grabe, M., & Grabe, C. (2007). Integrating technology for meaningful learning (5th ed.). New York: Houghton Mifflin Company.