Telecollaborative Lessons

Telecollborative lessons provide opportunities for students to participate with other students and/or experts in other locations on activities and projects. They can be as short as one class period or as long as several months. The only requirement is that your project be aligned with appropriate learning outcomes.

You must plan these projects well. You will need to think about coordinating and working with a partner outside of your classroom and at a distance. You will need to consider what technology tools all participants will need, such as Internet access, email, Web page access, conferencing software, etc.

You will also need to decide how your students will interact with the other participants and how the lesson will be structured.

Below are a few examples

Global Warming Classroom Project - ePals
My Hero - iLearn
Daffodil and Tulip Project - iLearn
Global Grocery Project - Landmark Project
Holiday Cards - Mecklenburg County Public Schools, VA
Life Around Here - Chris Craft
Web Pen Pals - University of Tennessee
Monster Exchange - Writing Project
Many Faces of Homelessness