The Invisible Web

Did you know there are hidden parts to the Internet. Places where many search engines do not access. This hidden part of the Web has many treasures for you to explore such as:

  • database content
  • Password protected Web pages
  • image, audio, animation, and PDF files

As you are developing your Internet researcher skills, accessing this treasure trove is a must. Most common day search engines and subject directories do not access the invisible web. Keep reading to learn how to access this information.

Strategies and Tools

Know your topic so you can access the Web resources directly. Searching the Internet requires a plan with good search terms.
For example

You would like to find information about a U.S. city, specifically its population. Instead of going to a traditional search engine go directly to the source,

Invisible Web Databases

You can use a common search engine to find Invisible Web resources by adding keywords such as database, archive, or repository to your query. From the list, go directly to the database resource to explore further.

Try this boolean AND command with these keywords: database, repository, archive.

  • "lesson plans" AND database
  • "invisible web" AND repository
  • "university library" AND archive