Weekly Blog Reflection

This activity is devoted to creating your own Weblog for this class. Blogs have been around for some time now. They started as an online journal for people to share ideas and information. Today, educators use blogs as tools to allow students, teachers, and schools to share information and knowledge with others. You will use your Class Reflection Blog to post reflections (guided or self identified) for each of the seven learning modules throughout the course.


  • Describe leading edge examples of technology integration and put them in the context of generational differences and global trends
  • Demonstrate legal, social and ethical issues around copyright, fair use, Internet safety and digital citizenship.

Learn More About Blogging

To get ready for this assignment, let's learn more about blogging.

Getting Started by Setting up Your Blog

Now it is time to get started creating your blog.


Your Task

You will write a meaningful reflection for each Course Module (7 total) that incorporates what you learned about your pedagogy, content, and technology during the Module. Your post should demonstrate your learning, your role as a teacher, and knowledge of technology. You should also reference your readings and research using APA format. By using APA format, you will provide your reader a scholarly reflection as it relates to your learning as a master's level student within the College of Education at the University of Mary Washington.

A link to your blog post should be shared with the instructor in the appropriate assignment heading in Canvas.

Each blog post must have been assigned an appropriate tag and category to summarize your post and identify our class. 7 Ways to Use Categories and Tags and Categories and Tags.

Replies to peers
Student reflection is always thoughtful and meaningful. Shows thorough comprehension of readings and activities while making connections to teaching and student learning.

Student always gives thoughtful and meaningful replies and show thorough comprehension of the text while making connections to unit theme.
Writing MechanicsUse of Online Writing Techniques
One or less spelling or grammatical errors.

Use of Tags, Categories, Multimedia - hyperlink, images, etc.