Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the ability to supplement or augment information (video, text, sound) through the process of layering. For example, you can create a worksheet or a poster that will come to life with supplementary information when your student scans the information with their smartphone or tablet.

View the TED Video, Image Recognition that Triggers Augmented Reality (8:04) with Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts the creators of a free Augmented Reality software and app by Aurasma that will change the way you think about information.
  • What types of information are being layered onto a static image?

  • How can augmenting information for students engage them to think differently about learning?
  • How can you use AR to extend your students learning?

Augmented reality has the potential for allowing for students to better transfer of knowledge from the classroom to other situations and settings.

View the Common Craft Video, Augmented Reality, to get a better idea of the functionality and the process of layering information through AR to gain in depth information.

Resources to review to get a better idea of this powerful tool.

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