Personal Learning Network (PLN)

A Personal Learning Network is a way for you to connect with others that have similar interests. Throughout the semester, and hopefully, throughout your career, you will maintain a PLN to help you organize and connect with other professionals to gather relevant information that help improve your teaching and learning.


  • Develop a personal network to help you find, organize and share information around teaching to help you continuously develop as a professional educator.

Review the resources below to learn more about your PLN

Your Task

To register and actively participate in a PLN throughout the semester.
At the end of the semester, you will provide a:
  • Screen shot of the user page that identifies use for each network
  • The public URL for your account
  • A meaningful reflection that identifies use and benefits of the network and a PLN for professional development


Networks that you must join and participate in are listed below.

1. Feedly: Really Simple Syndication (RSS) tool. Ever have a difficult time keeping all the information you find on the Web organized. RSS will allow you to organize blogs, videos, and other news sources in one easy location.

2. Twitter: Microblogging allows you to share and receive information that is timely and important for you and your interest. Throughout the semester, you will participate on twitter, follow relevant users, and share information with our class using the hashtag #indt501.

3. Social Bookmarking: Storing Web resources has never been so easy. Throughout the semester we will explore a variety of resources found on the Internet. Now, you can save them for later and find them easily on any computer with an Internet connection.

4. Join and Participate in a PLC for teachers. This is a global community of practice.

5. Google + UMWEdTech - Join and participate in our class community and share resources and ask and answer questions. (General Google Community Help)

6. Evernote: Keep notes and information easily and access them anywhere.

*Note: You will want to take your screenshots during Module 6 to ensure that you show your use, groups you belong to, and members that you have had contact with.

What I will be looking for when grading
  • Degree of use. How much did you actually try this tool out? You must participate a minimum of 1 time per week. Must provide a screen shot of your Profile Page and your public URL to indicate use
  • Professional relevance. To what extent did you choose links, feeds, twitterers that are likely to make you a better teacher (in addition to any you chose just for personal interest)?
  • Reflection. To what extent did the way you described your current and likely future use show that you took the assignment seriously and thought about it?