Title: Alphabet Book

Grade Level: 5th grade

SOL: 5.1, 5.5, 5.9, 5.13 / English 5.3a,

Time Duration: 4 40-minute class

Overview: students will create an alphabet book for a kindergarten class

Objective: TSW will use knowledge of composition to create a page for an ABC book using the following skills-computer keyboarding, collage, sewing

Materials: felt, yarn, finger painting, glue, cardstock, computer lab

Activities and Procedures: (day 1) have students pick a letter of the alphabet, discuss how to create a collage for their letter. Must have 5 words for their letter. Write their words on newsprint. Use the fingerpainting to create a collage depicting the words. (Day 2) meet in the computer lab. Type words using a word processing program and save to server. (day 3) finish collage pages using letter pages typed in the computer lab. Have students cut out 2 pieces of felt (12x12 and 12x6). Cut smaller piece to 10.5x6. demo marking felt for sewing. ¼ inch from edges, stitch pocket to background. Hole punch pages along left edge. Don’t forget title and end pages. (day 4) put book together and present to kindergarten class

Vocabulary: collage, stitch, font, center align