We will be adding supplemental material to emphasize techniques for critical thinking and student discovery. These materials are graphic aids students will utilize for purposes of exploration, analysis, and comprehension. The variety of graphic aids we are emphasizing incorporate examples of our core subjects of Mathematics and Science.

Note: You will want to be careful with adding copyrighted materials on you page. You may instead need to create an original piece or provide links to samples found online. Possibly, from some of the sources that you have already found. Poicy:

Can I copy works to Wikibooks that I got special permission for?

Unless you have permission to use textual works under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, a similar and compatible license, or the work is in the public domain, the work cannot be used on Wikibooks. So you may have to ask the copyright holder of the material to license it under GFDL (See Wikibooks:Boilerplate request for permission). Any other works must satisfy the requirements set out by Wikibooks:Media.