INDT521 Fall 2009 Stafford Cohort

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Information Literacy in the Digital Age | - | Supplemental materials
Debbie Novalski, Cindy Patishnock and Susan Bhuller

Chapter 3: Information Literacy Theories | - | Supplemental materials
Sharon Adamavage, Danielle Searles, Annie Rinckey

Chapter 4: Information Literacy and English Language Learners (ELL) | - | Supplemental materials

Chapter 5: Information Literacy and Differentiation | - | Supplemental materials
Ulrike Lamb, Debbie Tyson, Mary Southhall

Chapter 8: Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning | - | Supplemental materials:
Matt Sutton, Lindsay Sutton, Glenda Hegland, Sherry Hession

Chapter 9: Introduction to Information Literacy and Safety | - | Supplemental materials
Amanda Tucker, Danny Fernandes, Erin Stinehart, Jessica Hespen, Alison Raines

Chapter 10: Information Literacy in the Digital Age Lesson Ideas | - | Supplemental materials
Peter Schilke, Awesome Mike Forder

Chapter 11: Glossary of Information Literacy Terms
Marce Miller, Brenda James